February 13, 2006
Dick's Shooting

Last night I drempt Dick was shooting off and I wake up this morning to find its all true! heh. You know Dick always liked pointin his weapon. Condi thinks that Harry feller had in comin, not following protocol and...

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February 01, 2006
The State of the Union

"The State of the Union is Strong!" wild applause. Dick says I "broke through" on imagration and national secrity and we'll have those little mexi's stacked end-to-end protecting our chemical and nuculer inslations fore november. LiBerTy, heh heh. W...

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January 31, 2006
Alito is a Lizard

Hell I gotta give a speech tonight but Judge Alito, well he's been elected today by a wide number you know of nominations. Its like, a process. And where liberty is allowed to fester well Hamas is a shining beacon...

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February 10, 2004

I've got them pink pantied liberals on the run now boy! Ol' CR was in the round room just a minuet ago to tell me about the nuculer weapons problem they got over in that pakistan. Ol Cr says the...

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October 20, 2003
Pretzels and Jack

Just the other day in the White House mail room we got us about a ton of pretzels sent my our good friend Jack Shirack and Kolin Powl. Wheel. How nice.... I Havn't had pretzels since the last super bowel...

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September 08, 2003
"May God Continue to Bless America" - My Earnest Prayer by George Bush, 15 from Dallas, TX

Like Father Like Son oh God please Bless America by removing this pathological madman of a President. BTW God what were you thinking? Are you having a laugh at our expense? Did you mean for W to start a worldwide holy war? War on terrorism my ass God I mean really! W's war is a war for terrorism. What a poster boy he has become for extremist terrorist groups!

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July 13, 2003
Weapons of Mass Distraction

Well heck sportsfans the shit is all over the oval office having really hit the fan I mean why couldn't Rummy just lie to those congressman cause all that talk about seeing the situation through a different lens and stuff...

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Posted by tstubbs at 06:37 PM
The Secret Diary of George W. Bush

Wooohooo did you see those boys on the tanks riding across the desert gonna kick some Iraqqiiii asssssss, man I woulda liked to have been there you know if it wernt for my bladder problem and what it wronf with the unpatriotic unamerican basturds I think I will have to get old Asscroft to book them some time in my cuban summer camp...those pictures of me are not funny.

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