October 30, 2003
Chomsky's Campaign Advice to Bush: Conjure Up an Imminent Threat to Win the Election

Leading linguist and commentator Noam Chomsky has said President George Bush will have to "manufacture" another threat to American security to win re-election in 2004 after US failure in occupying Iraq.

"It is a frightened country and it is easy to conjure up an imminent threat," Chomsky said.

Chomsky said the military occupation of Iraq, to topple a "horrible monster running it but not a threat to anyone," was a failure.

"The country had been devastated by sanctions. The invasion ended sanctions. The tyrant is gone and there is no outside support for domestic dissidence," he said. "It takes real talent to fail in this endeavour."

Chomsky said it was reasonable to assume the Bush administration would try to "manufacture a short-term improvement in the economy" by incurring enormous federal government debt and "imposing burdens on future generations."

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