October 20, 2003
Bugger the Gay Shellfish

Gene Robinson took issue with those who quoted the Book of Leviticus to him and claimed that through the Bible, God forbade homosexuality. The Bishop-elect, winning himself a ripple of laughter, said Leviticus also forbids the consumption of shellfish, but we still eat it.

Local Episcopalians - belonging to the American wing of the Anglican community - gathered on Sunday in the draughty hall of Grace Church in this picture postcard town on the swirling Merrimack River.

They were there to take part in a question and answer session offered by New Hampshire's controversial Anglican Bishop-elect, Gene Robinson - a declared homosexual.

If his consecration goes ahead as planned on 2 November, the first openly gay bishop in the global Anglican community.

"You can ask me anything you want," he told his audience with a grin, "and believe me, I've been asked it all, so you won't embarrass me."

But this was a friendly gathering, fully supportive of his election as bishop in August by the New Hampshire Episcopal clergy and laity.

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