October 02, 2003
Israel to put Palestinians and Themselves in Very Large Cage

A fence, a wall, or a cage? Whatever you call it, there can be no doubt that building it will cause an escalation in the violence. Perhaps not this year or the next, but the inescapable logic of the Israeli-Palestinian war is genocide. The wall will see to that.

Some calm, rational people live on both sides of the wall, but they are not in control. The militants and religious extremists are in control of Palestine and Israel. Extremists of both sides follow the creed that doth not speak its name. It is the creed of "Total Solution" and "Of Any Means Necessary". Both sides pretend otherwise but they dream of genocide, and they quietly cultivate it with bombs, bulldozers, and the wall.

Maps of the West Bank

Background on the Wall and the Conflict

Security Fence Doesn't Deal With Root of Terrorist Problem, Settlers Say.

"This is very good that the fence is going to be a security fence and not a political fence," Mintz said.

"I'm not happy [about] the fence because the fight and struggle against terror [should be] by attack and not by defense. The struggle will be more efficient if our forces are inside the [Palestinian] cities," Mintz said.

"[Building a] security fence is not dealing with the roots of terror," he said, adding that terror originates in the Palestinian towns. If terrorism is bred in those areas, he said, it will find a way out into Israeli communities in the territories as well as into Israeli cities, he said.

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