for terrorism. What a poster boy he has become for extremist terrorist groups!">
September 08, 2003
"May God Continue to Bless America" - My Earnest Prayer by George Bush, 15 from Dallas, TX

Like Father Like Son oh God please Bless America by removing this pathological madman of a President! BTW God what were you thinking? Are you having a laugh at our expense? Did you mean for me to start a worldwide holy war? War on terrorism my ass God I mean really! W's war is a war for terrorism. What a poster boy I have become for extremist terrorist groups! Wheeeeheeee.

I was on TV last night talking about Iraq and the continued blessing of america. Man Americans are stupid. Well most of them anyway are buying it. 84 billion seems like an awful lot of money but Dick and Rummy seem to think it'll be worth it if we can get those cheese eating surrender monkeys (the French) to come take over the getting killed part and stay out of our oil fields.

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