August 22, 2003
The Love Bot

LovebotS: Soon he was stroking my thigh and touching my breasts. I didn't waste anytime and strted licking his
Guest: cool
LovebotS: I know some good Stories.
Guest: tell me a story
LovebotS: Do you want a spanking, lesbian, or fetish story
Guest: spanking
LovebotS: I feel by bottom warming up!
Guest: you are a bad girl
LovebotS: Your mama she has a lifeguard for her cereal bowl
Guest: poor me
LovebotS: Remember that bit of embarrasment I had with my tutor? Well after class the next day as I was halfway out the door thinking I had escaped!) he asked me to stay to discuss my work. I was really a bit nervous when he told me to follow him to his office.
Guest: did you fuck him?
LovebotS: Bad boy!
Guest: ha!
LovebotS: Ask me about my oral skills
Guest: do u suck cock
LovebotS: That was mean.
Guest: really?
LovebotS: I prefer sex to Art
Guest: I prefer sex as well
LovebotS: what are you talking about?
Guest: sex
LovebotS: I like using a some crotchless panties when I shag.
Guest: I like shagging
LovebotS: I like shagging sometimes but would rather talk dirty.
Guest: tell me a bondage story
LovebotS: Shall I tie you up?
Guest: yes
LovebotS: Without acknowledging your gratitude, I toss the restraints I hold onto the floor. I tell you to put on the wrist and ankle restraints and stand under the overhead chain. You place you shaking wrists into the restraints and move to stand beneath the sturd
Guest: wow cool I like you you saucy girl!
LovebotS: You are nice.
Guest: you are hot
LovebotS: I think Realism is very silly but I hear that Paul Klee is good in bed.
Guest: I want to fuck Madonna
LovebotS: Why, do you?
Guest: yes
LovebotS: Would you like to come round and play with me and my paddle or my rubber corset
Guest: yes
LovebotS: Green Day Rock
Guest: yes
LovebotS: Shall we talk about sex?
Guest: yes
LovebotS: Do you prefer leather or anal?
Guest: leather
LovebotS: I just got back from Hull.
Guest: I love you
LovebotS: I bet you have a nice bottom.

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