July 18, 2003
Chronology of Dispute Over Iraq Dossier

Key dates in controversy over British government dossier on Iraq weapons:

Sept. 24: Government publishes dossier claiming Iraq could deploy some chemical and biological weapons within 45 minutes notice, and that it had sought uranium in Africa.

May 29: British Broadcasting Corp. defense correspondent Andrew Gilligan reports a senior British official claims the September dossier was "sexed up" to make a more convincing case for military action.

June 1: Gilligan, writing in the Mail on Sunday newspaper, says Prime Minister Tony Blair's director of communications, Alastair Campbell, was responsible for adding the 45-minute claim.

June 19: Gilligan testifies before House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee.

June 25: Campbell appears before committee, denies adding material to dossier and demands apology from BBC.

July 7: Committee, on a party-line vote, says Campbell did not add material to dossier.

July 8: Anonymous Ministry of Defense official acknowledges meeting Gilligan to discuss dossier, but denies mentioning Campbell.

July 9: Defense Secretary Geoff Hoon, in a letter to the BBC, identifies the official as David Kelly, a weapons adviser.

July 15: Kelly tells Foreign Affairs Committee he believes he was not the source of Gilligan's report, but confirms that they met.

July 17: Gilligan recalled to private session of Foreign Affairs Committee. Chairman Donald Anderson said Gilligan was an "unsatisfactory witness" who changed his story; Gilligan rejects charge.

Late that night, Kelly was reported missing.

July 18: Body, tentatively identified as Kelly, found in woods near his home.

Posted on Fri, Jul. 18, 2003

Chronology of Dispute Over Iraq Dossier
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