July 02, 2003
GPRS Honeymoon Great Article on what is availble in the way of current and future Data Services in the US I was excited when GPRS became available here in the US, and it's still better than nothing (although if a hotspot is available, I'll pay $7 or so a day to use it). But in its current incarnation, it's a bridge technology; CDPD was too slow to meet most users' needs except for people who are total freaks about connectivity. 2.5G GPRS is there for early adopters and to keep folks happy while we wait for the faster stuff to roll out. EDGE will be better, but CDMA2000 1xRTT is here now, and I like it. It's fast enough that I could get serious work done with it. But, I'm in a contract with AT&T, and I really do like being able to use my T68i with my Mac over Bluetooth. SmithMicro has solutions for tethering a Mac to phones from various providers, including Sprint and Verizon. So it is a little tempting to consider what life would be like at twice the speed. Posted by tstubbs at July 02, 2003 10:27 PM | Trackback
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