June 27, 2003
Senator Strom 'Spermin' Thurmond dies at 100

Oh my Oh My. Back in the day when I was an intern for Sen. Wyche Fowler (a sort of Georgia Liberal Democrat if you can believe that!) I worked across the call from Sen. Thurmond (alias 'Spermin' because at 87 he was still able to impregnate his young wife).

Old Spermin and I were not close, but I knew several of his staffers who would sneak across the hall for a cup of coffee (seems old Spermin had banned it).

WHat can we say about the old man except... he was never afriad to switch sides... and this kept him in office way to damn long!

He rose to prominence as a segregationist, running for president in 1948 on the Dixiecrat ticket. His switch to the Republican Party in 1964 launched a migration of white Southerners to the Grand Old Party and fundamentally changed the partisan balance of America's presidential politics.

Years later, after federal law and the civil rights revolution greatly expanded the ranks of African-American voters, Thurmond courted their votes.

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