June 14, 2003
Asscroft is an Evil Little Shit

Before my citizenship is removed and I lose my rights to free speech I would like to voice a bit of dissent regarding our own John Ashcroft, a bible thumping Looney who is running the Justice department.

Last year, John covered up the statue of justice in order to lesson his embarrassment about having to give press conferences in front of a statue which sports bare breasts.

We were Duped! Its not a couple of tits that bother old Asscroft! It is the idea of justice itself!!


Ashcroft is planning a death chamber in Cuba so that we can execute prisoners of war who were captured in Afghanistan during the post 9/11 conflict. They will be afforded a trial before a military tribunal (read kangaroo court). The proceedings will not be a matter of public record nor will there be any right of appeal.

Two points:

It is terrible for the US to so egregiously ignore the Geneva Convention by not treating prisoners of war properly. The charge that they are illegal combatants is ridiculous. Many US special forces and certainly our CIA would also be considered illegal combatants under the definition of fighting out of uniform.

The US has elected to keep the prisoners of war on a military base in Cuba to AVOID its own constitutional protections, particularly the bill of rights. This is shameful and unconscionable.

BBC Not Allowed to Report Conversation

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