June 14, 2003
Bumper Stickers

A lot has happened to America in the 10 years since I left for the relative safety of the UK. Way back then, if you wanted to sell something, you had to appeal to the protection of the children (remember... because a lot is riding on your tires).

Now advertising is all about supporting America and showing support for the flag and our troops (by selling a Honda!). Honda is giving special discounts to everyone with a military ID! (I am feeling very warm and fuzzy now).

Along this raher frazzled thread we have a coupld of bumper stickers I spotted. Perhaps dear reader you will comment and let me know what they mean.

"With Valor there is Hope"

I like this one although I don't really understand it. how about "With Velour there is Hope"? Something of a fashion statement!

"Support our Troops - or Leave"

I think "Troops" must be misspelled... the obviously mean "constitution" or "bill of rights".

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