May 18, 2003
Sony Ericsson P800 Review

My Ericsson T68i expired the other day (right on schedule) 14 months after I first bought it. No matter. I was ready to upgrade and the broken phone made it the right time.

I called Orange (the phone company) who told me that the P800 would set me back 279 pounds (just under $500). I threatened to switch to Voda and seeing that I am their number 1 customer thay relented and let me have it for 140....


First Impressions... Bigger is Better?

The phone is big for a phone... but this can be forgiven because it is also a decent PDA, games machine, web browser, e-mail client, mp3 player, camera, etc, etc. This wealth of mobile features (and their integration) is the main advantage of the P800.

Individually some of the P800's functionality is thin milk. The camera is terrible in low light and the music player is hamstrung by the lack of storage. It is a modern technological eqivelant of the swiss army knife, and like the famous knife it is the sum of its parts, and not the individual featues that make it cool.

Posted by tstubbs at May 18, 2003 07:11 PM
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